Jenkins Setup



yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
yum install jenkins

Repository configuration

  • Gawati repositories are added as a single resource of type “Github Organization”.
  • Only branches “master” and “dev” are displayed by configuring Project Behaviour

“Filter by name (with wildcards) is configured as “master dev”. - “Automatic branch project triggering” is configured as “master|dev”

Individual repositories are included by adding a “Jenkinsfile” in the sourcecode root folder.

Jenkinsfile and Jenkins library

Packaging, upload to package repository and deployment are implemented using shell script. As individual shell calls in Jenkinsfile reinstatiate with a new environment on each call and the need for extensive escaping from within Jenkinsfile for shell script, we collect Jenkins operations in a single library limiting commands from within Jenkins to a few lines.

The Jenkins library resides in the “library” folder within the github Jenkins repository.

Building packages and copy to downloadserver

For more detailed information about Jenkins library see Jenkins library

if you need the package file name body different from the package name you may defined it as variable PKF in Jenkinsfile:

environment {

Jenkinslib uses git branch name from Jenkins environment to designate target environment (dev or prod).

using npm

See example at

Parameters are loaded from npm environment defined in “package.json” (Package version).

using ant

See example at

Parameters are loaded from ant environment defined in “build.xml” (Package version).