About Gawati

What is Gawati

Gawati is an open source document library in the sense of a document and metadata repository with web based access. In its initial version 1.0 its interfaces will concentrate on legal documentation as it is implemented as an open source project for the African Law Library.

What Gawati is not

Gawati in version 1.0 is not going to be equipped with lend/borrow or customer management components. However we think it’s well suited to extend it in that regard.

Gawati description

For the enduser, Gawati allows to search a large library of documents in an intuitive and flexible way. It will support the users providing context to search results so they can identify document relationships, for example different translations, editions, versions or validity over time.

For data maintenance it provides workflows for professional data entry services, individuals as well as community involvement using role based permissioning. Using synchronisation capabilities, different parties can join their efforts and build upon each others work.

For the librarian Gawati is an entity-relationship based FRBR metadata and document storage, search engine and browser. The metadata is extended with full Akoma Ntoso support for legal document management.

Licensing and Contribution

Gawati source code is licensed under AGPLv3. For including your source code contribution we will have to ask you to for a contribution agreement which you can find in the Introduction for Developers.