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Developing Gawati


All our code is on Github (Gawati on Github), under Open Source licenses. Our Github Project folder is folder: Gawati Project on Github

Contributor Agreement

We appreciate your consideration to contribute to our project. Please contact us via our Google Group - Development.

To avoid potential legal problems over the course of time, we want to prepare to avoid problems that some open source projects have faced in the past when the need arises to change the license of the project. This contributor agreement is very light, and shall simply ensure that the project can continue using all of its code base, should there be a need to relicense.

Like our source code license (AGPLv3), we use existing community standards (Harmony Agreements). As we want to retain the wording 1:1, we chose to not remove what becomes a duplicate reference to this page in the document in our case, our apologies for the confusion this may cause.

As per Harmony Agreements we provide a: